VRABE Regional Adult Based Education

Developing Your Intuition- Beginning Level PE03

3 Seats Available

Developing Your Intuition- Beginning Level




10/3/2023 to 10/31/2023

Location: Instructors:
  • Lisa Huppert
  • Rev. Heather DeLusso

Meeting Times

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Psychics are individuals who are able to see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have intuition beyond the boundaries of what we have been taught.  Everyone is a psychic to some degree.  The first step to becoming a psychic medium is to learn particular skills, in which this course will empower and help you develop.  Participants will be given a course workbook that will be used in class and at home covering the following topics: psychic terminology, runes, pendulums, self-care for the psychic, psychic protection, energetic body, opening up your intuition, connecting and perceiving Spirit and Spirit Guides.  In addition to the class workbook students will be given materials to create a set of runes and chakra stones.  Enrollment will be limited to ten(10) students.  Registration fee includes a $15 materials fee. 

Additional Notes

This class will be held at Rockville High School in Room 128. Directional signs will be posted in the lobby of both school entrances. 


  • Class Fee $65.00
  • Materials Fee $15.00
Total: $80.00

Note: Registration has ended