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Become a Stock Photographer




5/3/2021 to 5/4/2021

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  • Peter Glass

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  • Monday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM



If you are an amateur or professional digital photographer who loves taking pictures, you might want to consider stock photography as a possible source of additional income.  A stock photographer shoots a variety of images and then sends them off to their stock agencies for them to display on their websites.  When magazines, businesses, ad agencies, textbook companies, etc. need photos, they often will purchase existing images from one of those stock agencies, thereby saving the expense of having to hire a photographer to shoot new images.  When a stock agency sells a photo, the payment for that sale is shared between the photographer and the stock agency.  All aspects of the stock photography business will be presented.  Topics will include: determining what kind of images will sell, the equipment needed to shoot them, adding metadata to your images, the keywording process, using a digital asset management program, types of stock agencies, and everything else necessary to set up and run your own stock photography business. Enrollment in this class is limited to fifteen (15) students. There are no discounts available on this class.

Additional Notes

NOTE: This is a LIVE, ONLINE class. You will be able to see and hear and talk to everyone during the session. You’ll also be able to view the same graphics, programs, and websites that I show during my live classes. Once you sign-up, you’ll receive information about how to download Webex (the program I'll be using for the presentation) and how to log-in. In addition, you will receive a PDF file of the class handout. Please print the handout – we will be using it during the class.

You will receive an email with a link to webex prior to the first class.  

Webex is easy and quick to install, and simple to operate. I'll explain how the program works during the class.

IMPORTANT: If you have not downloaded Webex before, please give yourself 15 minutes before the class begins to download and install it.


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