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Throwing Light on the Subject PE16

8 Seats Available

Throwing Light on the Subject




4/20/2020 to 4/27/2020

Location: Instructor:
  • Peter Glass

Meeting Times

  • Monday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The prerequisite for this class is a basic understanding of how your camera works and feeling comfortable shooting with it.

The quality of a photograph is directly proportional to the quality of its lighting.  Adding light to a subject merely to achieve proper exposure is not the goal of good lighting.  Rather, lights should be used to create interest and drama.  To these points, the class will cover basic lighting techniques, starting with three-point lighting, and then progressing to more complex and creative schemes.  Along the way, we will address how to: modify light using reflector dishes, snoots, barn doors and umbrellas and further modify lighting using Photoshop's Adobe Camera Raw.  We also will review the following: working with shutter speed, aperture and ISO; deciding which white balance settings to use; and operating a camera on Manual.  Volunteers from the class will act as models.  Also, objects brought in by the instructor will be used for still-life shots.  Photographers use either tungsten or strobe units to illuminate their subject.  The techniques for both are essentially identical. We will be using tungsten lights for this class.  The advantage of tungsten lighting is that the whole class can shoot at the same time, rather than having to wait their turn to use the strobes.  You will be taking lots of pictures in class.  A very complete handout will be given to you when you arrive.  It contains lots of information and diagrams, and will greatly simplify the process of understanding what is being taught in class.  In addition, the handout will allow you to spend less time taking notes and more time listening and participating in class.  You also will find it quite useful for review after the course has ended.  Enrollment in this class is limited to fifteen (15) students. There are no discounts available on this class.

Additional Notes

It's suggested that you bring a zoom lens with decent telephoto settings (perhaps one that goes up to 85mm or higher).  Bring your digital camera with a charged battery.  If you have them, bring extra batteries, extra camera cards, a tripod, and a cable release.


  • Class Fee $45.00
Total: $45.00