VRABE Regional Adult Based Education

Beginner Spanish FL03

1 Seat Available

Beginner Spanish




3/3/2021 to 4/28/2021

Location: Instructor:
  • Nora Mijares Alpers-Leon

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This beginning course is geared toward individuals who wish to familiarize themselves with the Spanish language and some basic Spanish phrases, greetings, etc. Perhaps you are planning a trip to a country where Spanish is the primary language, or maybe some knowledge of Spanish would be helpful at your present job or in searching for a new job. No previous educational experience with Spanish is necessary for this class. Enrollment in this class is limited to eighteen (18) students. There are no discounts available on this class.

Additional Notes

A basic textbook and workbook will be required for this class. The cost of the two books will be approximately $35 and they will be available for purchase from the VRABE office in the weeks prior to the first class.  Please call 860-870-6060 to arrange a time to pick up the materials.  


  • Class Fee $55.00
Total: $55.00