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Crumbling Foundations and Mortgages - To Pay Or Not To Pay? CS01

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Crumbling Foundations and Mortgages - To Pay Or Not To Pay?





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  • Attorney Sarah Poriss

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  • Tuesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


The goal of homeownership is certainty and peace of mind, and the crumbling foundation crisis is ruining that for many Tolland County homeowners.  Whether your home is intended to be your starter home, your forever home or your retirement strategy, being proactive and informed to defend against the crumbling foundation crisis can give homeowners time and options.

If you or your neighbors are currently suffering from the stress of owning a home maligned with a crumbling foundation, get answers to these questions: Do I continue to pay my mortgage?; Where does my family go if we can't stay in our house?; Is there government funding?; and Can I negotiate with the bank or refinance?

Sarah Poriss helps homeowners suffering from the crumbling foundation crisis create their own unique path to a resolution that offers closure and peace of mind.  This seminar will describe current options for homeowners who have mortgages and whose homes have lost value because of a crumbling foundation.  Anyone who thinks they may be affected should attend this free seminar.






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