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Resume Writing and Cultivating for Any Career PE06

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Resume Writing and Cultivating for Any Career





Location: Instructor:
  • Kellie Mulholland

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


In this technological-dependent world today, gone are the days of applying for a job in person, where your personality and charm alone can earn you an interview. Now, your resume is oftentimes your only chance at making a good first impression - marking it as the most important part of the application process. If you’ve never worked in hiring (or it’s been many years), and you are considering a career or job change, this class is for you. In this resume writing and cultivating workshop, you will learn the valuable skill of building a resume that will grab and keep the attention of any prospective employer. We will review and apply the key components of a well-structured resume that will leverage you as the asset you are! We will also touch on various techniques for presentation, the perspective and mentality of a hiring team, and technology/software tips. 

*Bonus included in workshop fee: 1 (one) 15-minute, one-on-one resume assessment with the instructor - to be scheduled after the student has confidently refined their resume using the skills taught in class.  

There are no discounts available for this class.  


  • Class Fee $20.00
Total: $20.00