VRABE Regional Adult Based Education

Finding Your Dream Career PE05

15 Seats Available

Finding Your Dream Career




9/27/2021 to 10/25/2021

Location: Instructor:
  • Leonard Diana

Meeting Times

  • Monday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This class focuses on your strengths and your career needs and wants.  The result is a fresh, informed, and intentional approach to career attracting.  With well-defined values and clarity in what YOU want in a career, never again feel uncertain about whether you're in the right work experience or not.  This is for you if...you are unemployed, you have a job and are not happy or hate it, you are a veteran and looking for work or a career, you have graduated from high school or college and looking for work or a career, you are looking for self-employment opportunities, and/or you are serious about making a positive change in your current lifestyle. Enrollment in this class will be limited to fifteen (15) students.  There are no discounts available on this class.

Additional Notes

Please note there will be no class on Monday, October 11th.


  • Class Fee $40.00
Total: $40.00

Note: Class has been CANCELLED