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Painting with Watercolors - Beginners/Intermediate AR04

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Painting with Watercolors - Beginners/Intermediate




9/28/2022 to 11/16/2022

Location: Instructor:
  • Maaida Sheriff

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This course is for beginners and intermediate students with little or no knowledge of watercolor painting. Basic watercolor technique will be introduced. Different painting methods and special effects will be taught. Techniques are geared toward landscapes and florals. Individual attention will be provided. Each student can work at their own pace and enjoy this creative course. Enrollment in this class is limited to twelve (12) students. There are no discounts available on this class.

Additional Notes


(supplies can be purchased from JoAnn, Michaels or any other Art and craft store)

 Paper:  Strathmore cold press watercolor paper 140 lb. Paper size is 9in x 12 in. One watercolor pad of 12 sheets is enough for the entire course. (Do Not Buy the Yellow Pad, please purchase the BROWN pad.)

 Tracing paper: 4 sheets of tracing paper/transfer paper is enough. Size of the paper should be 9in x 12in. Strathmore makes a pad of transfer paper in that size.

 Paints:  Reeves or Winsor & Newton watercolor paint tubes - Set of twelve colors (make sure paint set has ultramarine blue color in it)

Brushes:  Set of assorted round and a few flat synthetic brushes of Artists Loft or Royal and Langnicke (brushes that are for Acrylic painting) Most of our work requires #1 to # 12 round brushes

Watercolor pallet:  one with some wells and some flat surface

Masking Fluid:  Susan Scheewe blue masking fluid. Available at Amazon or Jerry’s Artarama at 1109 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford

Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener

Masking tape:  Buy it from an art and craft store like Michaels or Joann. Cheap tape can tear your paper.

Paper towels:  one roll

Container for water:  3 containers (any kind)

Spray bottle: A bottle that sprays water like a mist.

Salt:  Couple of table spoons of salt that you use at home for cooking (any kind)

Aluminum Foil:  Doesn’t have to be a particular kind or size. About one foot square should be enough.

Saran wrap: Doesn’t have to be a particular kind or size. About one foot square should be enough.

Note: If you already have similar supplies at home, bring them on the first day of the class instead of buying new ones.

Keep all your receipts in case you need to exchange an item.



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