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Beginning Country Western Couple and Partner Dancing DA01

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Beginning Country Western Couple and Partner Dancing




9/20/2022 to 11/1/2022

Location: Instructor:
  • Chris Hookie

Meeting Times

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Country Western C/W dance can be performed to Country music as well as to Pop, Rock, Ballroom, and even EDM music. In this 7 week class you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of 10 most popular C/W couple and partner dances performed across the nation. The list of the Couple dances to be taught include: Single, Double, and Triple Rhythms of the Texas Two-Step, Three-Step, One-Step, Country Waltz, Western Polka, plus the Cotton-Eyed Joe, 10-Step, and Schottische Partner dances. Emphasis will be made in proper C/W dance styling, leading and following techniques, dance/music distinction and the development of dance move amalgamations. Beginning through intermediate level moves and twirls will be taught using the "Dance Move building Block" method. Once one pattern is learned, the remaining patterns become easier and easier to learn. Dancers will even have the opportunity to develop and create their own dance moves and amalgamations utilizing the “Dance Move Paradigm” method. Class is designed for the beginning dancer, no experience necessary.  Registration for this class must be done as couples.  You must register 2 people for this class. To do this, add a quantity of 1 to your cart. You will be prompted for your partner's name when adding the class to your cart.  Enrollment in this class is limited to fifteen (15) couples.  There are no discounts available on this class. 

Additional Notes

For ease of movement on the dance floor, please wear shoes not sneakers.


  • Fee Per Couple $80.00
Total: $80.00

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