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ONLINE: Investing as a Hobby - Part I FP05

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ONLINE: Investing as a Hobby - Part I





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  • Brian Flynn

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  • Monday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Whether you are new to the stock market or looking for a refresher, Investing As A Hobby is a great way to tour the stock market before investing your money. Many investors blindly invest in the stock market, doing little to no research. We do not believe in giving money to strangers, so to speak. As investors we like to “date” our companies prior to tying the knot. We prefer lengthy courtships over “red-eye” flights to a chapel in Las Vegas. During this class we will research a real "sweet" company using real data. You will learn: How the stock market works. Which companies you can invest in and which you can't. 5-Simple Steps to Dating a Company. How to use a free stock analysis tool to evaluate a company. Determine if a company's stock price is "cheap" or "expensive." After completing the class, you will receive a workbook with the class notes as well as exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in class. No prior experience is required, just a sincere desire to learn!  


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