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How to Use a Pendulum PE04

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How to Use a Pendulum





Location: Instructors:
  • Lisa Huppert
  • Rev. Heather DeLusso

Meeting Times

  • Tuesday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Join us for this fun interactive and insightful class. There are a multitude of methods to dowsing; this class includes how to connect to your pendulum and how to ask the right questions. Together we will discover the in's and out's to using a pendulum along with exploring different charts that can assist you with a pendulum reading. A pendulum is a fun divination tool that you can use to get answers to questions. A pendulum is included with this class. Registration fee includes a $15.00 material fee.   

In this class you will learn:
The correct way to hold a pendulum
How to create and use pendulum tables
How to receive answers to questions
How to cleanse and care for your pendulum

Additional Notes

This class will be held at Rockville High School in Room 128. Directional signs will be posted in the lobby of both school entrances. 


  • Class Fee $25.00
  • Material Fee $15.00
Total: $40.00

Note: Registration has ended