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ONLINE: What are Mutual Funds and ETFs? FP07

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ONLINE: What are Mutual Funds and ETFs?





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  • Brian Flynn

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  • Monday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


In this class we will explore the world of Mutual Funds and ETFs, what they are and what the differences are. We’ll look into the role each can play in your portfolio. What are index funds and sector funds and how to invest in these products. Learn ways to diversify into other asset classes such as gold, silver, oil, volatility, and bonds. We will discuss thematic funds that allow you to target specific areas of the market like robotics, electric cars, AI, and clean energy. Finally, we will discuss Warren Buffett’s investing advice and how to implement it using mutual funds and ETFs. This class includes a Google spreadsheet with all the funds discussed in class. 


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